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Give yourself peace of mind knowing your family members are covered no matter which vehicle they are in.

Add an Associate Membership

To add an associate membership to your account for a family member, please click here to log into MyAccount or call 1-844-252-3648. Please note that associate members must live in the same household to qualify.

Set up a Family Plan Membership

If your Family includes four or more CAA Members you can take advantage of special CAA Family pricing. Your whole family will get to enjoy the great benefits of CAA, which include: Emergency Roadside Assistance, Travel, Insurance and Member Rewards®, at an even lower price. Call us at 1-844-252-3648 to speak to us about the Family Plan.

Whether you're heading to early morning practice, work, school, or out with friends for the night, a CAA Family Membership provides you with the ease of mind to know that all your family members will be safe...wherever their travels take them. So, move your whole family over to our CAA Family Membership today and start saving!


View Deatils about Classic Plan

Classic Plan

    ✔ Four service calls 
    ✔ Towing distance: up to 10 KM 
    ✔ 24/7 Roadside Assistance 
    ✔ Covers Cars and Bicycles 
    ✔ Covers you in any vehicle 
    ✔ Battery Service 
    ✔ Fuel delivery 
    ✔ Flat Tire Service 
    ✔ Save at CAA Rewards partners 

Note: Roadside Assistance will be available 24 hours after purchase.

View Deatils about Plus Plan

Plus Plan

    Includes All Classic Plan Features PLUS:

    ✔ Four service calls 
    ✔ Towing distance: up to 200 KM 
    ✔ All Classic Plan Fetures 
    ✔ Includes Motorcycle coverage 
    ✔ Save at CAA Rewards partners 
    ✔ RV Option (Additional Cost) 

Note: Roadside Assistance will be available 48 hours after purchase.

View Deatils about Premier Plan

Premier Plan

    Includes All Classic & Plus Plan Features PLUS:

    ✔ Five service calls 
    ✔ Towing distance:
        1 tow up to 320 KM 
        4 tow up to 200 KM 
    ✔ All Classic & Plus Plan Features 
    ✔ Two Day complimentary Car Rental 
    ✔ Save at CAA Rewards partners 
    ✔ RV Option (Additional Cost) 

Note: Roadside Assistance will be available 48 hours after purchase.

Full list of Membership Services and Benefits

Easy Ways to Pay - CAA’s Express Renewal Payment Plans

CAA’s Monthly Payment Plan. Great for budgeters - You can have your membership dues automatically paid monthly from your credit card or bank withdrawal. You can enroll in CAA’s Monthly Payment Plan online with your credit card. To enroll in the bank withdrawal option, please call toll-free 1-844-252-3648 for more information, as this option is not available by mail-in enrollment or online. By choosing CAA’s Monthly Payment Plan you authorize us to charge your account for the amount due. Every year, at renewal time, we’ll send you a billing statement to remind you of this arrangement and show changes (if any) to the amounts for the upcoming year. Your authorization remains in effect for each 12-month membership year.

CAA's Express Renewal. Fast and Easy - Sign up and have your Membership dues deducted from your credit card so it's all taken care of. We'll send you your statement a couple of months before your renewal period for your records.

Terms and Conditions


*Applicable taxes extra. Offer valid to residents of North & East Ontario. Pricing is based on a 12-month CAA Membership and standard rates will apply upon renewal. An eligible Associate Member must share the same principal address as the CAA North & East Ontario Primary Member. Offer is not valid on a previously purchased CAA North & East Ontario Membership. Not valid with any other promotion or discount. Not valid on a Membership renewal or upgrade. Cannot be combined with any other promotion or discount, Corporate Membership, or on a previously purchased Associate Membership. Other restrictions may apply.

1Each Membership type has a set number of Roadside Assistance service calls per Membership year. Service calls cannot be shared or carried over to the next Membership year. Once the number of service calls has been exceeded, CAA North & East Ontario will continue to facilitate the Roadside Assistance services described above; however, any services in excess of the Roadside Assistance maximums will be subject to service provider fees that are due at the time of service. For all Membership types, any service calls not covered by the Membership must be paid for by the requesting Member at the time of service. Bike Assist, Fuel Delivery, Locksmith, Battery, Flat-Tire, and Extraction services each count as one of the allotted Roadside Assistance calls during a Membership year. Members who have used the maximum number of entitled service calls for their Membership year are not eligible for reimbursements. Full Roadside Assistance benefits are reinstated upon the renewal date of a Membership.

2A CAA North & East Membership covers select vehicles only. Classic Membership covers bicycles and valid licensed cars, pickups and vans. A CAA Plus and Premier Membership covers bicycles, valid licensed cars, pickups, vans and motorcycles. Dual-wheel trucks are eligible for all services except Flat-Tire service with Classic and Plus Membership. With rented passenger and commercial vehicles certain limitations may apply, and will be determined at the time of service. Please note: a CAA North & East Ontario Membership does not cover select vehicles, including (but not limited to): modified or not-from-stock vehicles, such as certain body kits, raised suspensions with oversized tires, plow blades and/or salt spreaders, flatbeds or tilt, and loads; any vehicle that is part of a working fleet (defined as business- or broker-owned vehicle used to conduct work); vehicles over one ton in designation (this does not include trailers or RVs that are covered under CAA Plus RV or Plus RV Membership classifications); cube vans and other large commercial designated vehicles; taxis, limousines, or vehicles-for-hire; and loaded vehicles, including vans of all designations and pick-up trucks.

3CAA Plus/RV and CAA Premier/RV Members: Services motorcycles with or without side-car. CAA North & East Ontario will transport a motorcycle subject to the towing limits based on Membership type. Motorcycle Service will count as one of the allotted Roadside Assistance calls during a Membership year. Service limitations may apply when traveling in the U.S. Service acquired in the U.S. may be paid for and consideration for reimbursement can be sought from CAA North & East Ontario.

4CAA Plus RV and CAA Premier RV trailer service licensed motorhomes, campers, fifth-wheel trailers, and the following types of trailers: travel, unloaded horse, snowmobile, utility and boat (eligible for towing, extrication and tire service). Service limitations may apply when travelling in the U.S. Service acquired in the U.S. may be paid for and consideration for reimbursement can be sought from CAA North & East Ontario.

5Towing will be provided if attempts to make a vehicle safely operable at the roadside/location have been unsuccessful. Flatbeds or dollies will be used when required as per the AAA/CAA towing guide. Towing will be provided within an allotted Membership kilometres in CAA North & East Ontario territory in any direction from the point of disablement to the repair facility of a Member’s choice. Classic Members receive four tows up to 10 km, Plus Members receive four tows up to 200 km and Premier Members receive one tow up to 320 km and four tows up to 200 km. Towing beyond this set amount will be at the Member’s expense. A charge per kilometre will be applied by the service facility to any additional mileage that exceeds a Member’s coverage (service coverage varies by territory). For areas outside of CAA North & East Ontario territory, CAA Plus & Premier Memberships may provide a set number of kilometres of towing with the balance being charged to the Member. The Member may in turn request consideration of reimbursement from CAA North & East Ontario for the balance.

6Bike Assist or Tow service counts as one of a Member’s allotted Roadside Assistance calls during a Membership year. Service will be provided to cyclists where there is permitted vehicle access, and based on seasonal availability. If a roadside repair cannot be completed, CAA will arrange to transport the Member and their bicycle, subject to your towing limits based on Membership type. Service is available in Ontario only. For full Bike Assist details visit

7The vehicle will be extricated when it can be safely reached from a normally travelled or established thoroughfare. If special equipment, additional manpower or vehicles are required, the associated costs may be at your expense. Plus, Premier Members are automatically covered for an additional service vehicle and service provider for up to one hour of extrication service at the scene.

8CAA North & East Ontario reserves the right to determine the towing equipment required to provide emergency road service and the towing procedures to be followed.

9Limited supply of gasoline will be delivered to your disabled vehicle. CAA Classic Members will be charged the fuel pump price and must pay the driver upon delivery. No charge for all other Membership levels. Coverage excludes diesel/propane. This service counts as one of your allotted Roadside Assistance calls during a Membership year.

10If CAA service is not available; the Member may make alternate arrangements to pay for the services. For consideration of reimbursement: Submit the original, legitimate business invoice bearing the Member's name to the Member’s CAA Club within 30 days from date-of-service. Visit for more details.

11If a Member’s keys are locked inside a vehicle, a CAA driver will be dispatched to gain entry. If keys are lost, broken or the driver cannot gain entrance to the vehicle, CAA will provide coverage for automotive locksmith services up to $50 for Classic Memberships and up to $100 for Plus/RV and Premier/RV Memberships. This service counts as one of the allotted Roadside Assistance calls during a Membership year. If your vehicle cannot be made operable, it will be towed (in addition to, or instead of, the $50 or $100 locksmith service, if necessary), as per the scope of towing benefits.

12A flat tire will be replaced with the Member's inflated and mounted spare tire. If no spare tire is available, the vehicle will be towed to the nearest repair facility or in accordance to the Membership type’s towing limitations. Service does not include repairs, additional trips to deliver a repaired tire, installation or removal of tire chains, mounting, dismounting or shifting of tires; seasonal tire changeovers; and a tire change on an oversized tire. To avoid damage, certain vehicles will require a tow to a garage as proper installation requires that the wheel lug torque be set to the recommended specification for your vehicle. Dual-wheel vehicles needing service on an inside tire require a licensed specialist. Members may be required to obtain their own tire service and can pursue consideration for reimbursement from CAA North & East Ontario.

13Limited to location and certain weather conditions for a battery replacement. Battery testing counts as one of the allotted Roadside Assistance calls during a Membership year, with the exception of a battery purchase from CAA at the time of service. Some vehicles cannot be serviced due to the location of the battery in the vehicle. However, an unsuccessful battery service that results in a towing service call, will count as a single service call. Call 1-800-222-4357 for more details or visit

14Road Trip Accident Assistance: If a Member is driving a vehicle and is in a collision that disables that vehicle in either Canada or the U.S., such that it cannot be driven safely and the Member is more than 200 km from home for up to 72 hours from the time the accident is reported, CAA will reimburse the Member $300 ($500 for CAA Plus and Plus RV Members and $2000 for CAA Premier Members) to be used for ONE of the following: local lodging and meals; or commercial rental car; or commercial transportation via airline, train or bus to your original destination or back home. For consideration of reimbursement: submit a copy of the police accident report and the original receipts for expenditures to the Member’s local CAA Travel store within 60 days from the date of the accident.

15Road Trip Interruption Assistance: CAA Premier Members will have higher level coverage when travelling by auto more than 200 km away from home, anywhere in Canada or the U.S. If the Member's trip is interrupted due to an accident1, mechanical breakdown2, car theft3, or unexpected illness or injury4, the Member can be reimbursed up to $2,000 for covered out-of-pocket expenses, including restaurant meals and commercial accommodations or for commercial transportation to continue the trip. The combined annual limit payable when auto breakdown is a result of accident, fire or theft is $2,000. When the breakdown is a result of mechanical failure, the combined annual limit payable is $600. The vehicle return benefit will reimburse eligible Members up to $500 for transportation of the vehicle back to the Premier Member's primary residence when an unexpected illness or injury prevents the completion.

16CAA Plus & Premier Members receive one free print set per Membership year. CAA Classic Members pay $8.50 plus taxes. For full details visit

17Drive You Home Tow is available to CAA Plus and CAA Premier Members only and counts as one of a Member’s allotted Roadside Assistance calls during a Membership year. This service covers bicycles, valid licensed cars, pickups, vans and motorcycles, but excludes RVs. Maximum of 25 km. Additional kilometres will be charged at CAA prevailing rates. Visit for full details.

18When you place a Roadside Assistance call with CAA, you can view live updates, your call status, estimated wait times and your CAA Driver location. Where service is available. Visit for more details.

19Home and Auto Insurance underwritten by CAA Insurance Company. Underwriting restrictions apply. Other restrictions may apply. For complete details on all CAA’s Insurance plans. Visit for more details.

20Two-day complimentary car rental is included with a CAA Premier Membership. Receive two free car rental days from Enterprise in conjunction with a tow. If the car is towed on one of a Premier Member’s five allowable calls as a result of a mechanical breakdown and the Premier Member is in need of transportation, CAA North & East Ontario will arrange for a mid-size rental for two consecutive days at no charge at participating Enterprise locations in Canada, subject to availability. The Premier Member must be within 200 km from home and CAA has towed the vehicle for mechanical failure. This will be arranged through CAA. CAA will call Enterprise to make arrangements to assist the Premier Member with a two-day car rental. The incident must be referred to CAA within 48 hours of occurrence. CAA Members are responsible for subsequent day rental charges, upgrades, vehicle insurance, mileage and fuel charges, and any other charges, fees and taxes. Normal rental qualifications, including age restrictions and other restrictions apply. Should a breakdown occur at a distance greater than 200 km, then the Trip Interruption & Vehicle Return benefit will apply as described in annotation 15. Other restrictions may apply.

21CAA Rewards program partners and offers subject to change with our notice. For full details see

22TripTiks are only available for travel in Canada and the U.S.

In fairness to all Members, Roadside Assistance is not to be used as a substitute for proper vehicle maintenance. CAA North & East Ontario has set reasonable limitations and regulations in the interest of all Members on the number of Roadside Assistance calls provided to each Member per Membership year. All discounts, programs and benefits are subject to change without notice. It is the responsibility of the Member to adhere to the terms and conditions of a CAA Membership. CAA Membership dues are adjusted annually and take into account the cost of providing Roadside Assistance and other CAA services including: TourBooks®, maps and TripTiks® utilized by the Member.

CAA reserves the right to limit or suspend services during extreme weather events or to re-assign a Membership category, or to cancel a Membership if services are being misused. CAA also reserves the right to change benefits and policies regarding Memberships. Visit for full service limitations.