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Take an extraordinary journey with CAA North & East Ontario. Let us weave together your ultimate travel experience and create wonderful memories for you.

For your next adventure, join us on our Extraordinary Explorations – guaranteed to be unforgettable. Extraordinary Explorations by CAA are custom-designed for an assortment of interests and desires and feature hand-picked travel service providers. Plan your travels with CAA for the holiday that is just right for you.

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Cape Breton & Celtic
Colours Festival

October 7–13, 2020
Starting from $3,199.00 CAD*

Alaska—Denali Explorer

June 10-20 & August 19-29, 2020
Starting from $4,739.00 CAD*

Iceland—Northern Lights

October 7–15, 2019
Starting from $4,979.00 CAD*

Classic Ireland—A Celtic

September 20-27, 2019
Starting from $4,499.00 CAD*

*Terms and conditions apply to all tours. Prices and availability subject to change without notice.